Announcing New Plans at MasjidNow

Over the last two years, MasjidNow has helped dozens of mosques from around the world publish their prayer timings online and on mobile phones.  We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our customers, and that has allowed us to learn and grow as we develop our service.  Because of the support you’ve shown, we’d like to say…

Thank you!


We are now proud to announce new features as well as new pricing for our prayer timings service.

First, we’d like to let our existing customers know that their current plans are here to stay. If you are an existing customer of MasjidNow, you can continue using your plan at the same price.  You will continue enjoying the same features that you currently use.

Our new pricing system is now separated into two tiers. The first is the “Small Mosque” plan, which includes the original features that you already love – our timings creator tool, generated printable timings, monthly info, and a connection to our mobile apps.

The second tier is the “Large Mosque” plan. This plan also includes the original core features of MasjidNow, as well as a few new ones that we think our customers will love. These features include:

  • Ad-Block for ALL MasjidNow apps
  • Push Messages to smartphones
  • Free Timing Save Service

You can read more about the new features on our website.

If you haven’t yet signed up for our adhan and iqamah timings service, you can do so from our signup page.  Then, to use the new features, you should upgrade to the “Large Mosque” Plan.

If you are an existing customer and you’d like to experience the new features of MasjidNow, you can switch to the “Large Mosque” plan from your user profile page, by clicking “Upgrade Plan” under “Subscription Info”.

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