Save Money for Your Mosque By Referring to MasjidNow

Like any charitable or non-profit organization, masajid (mosques) are always looking to save money.  That’s why we at MasjidNow are always looking for ways to help our customers save money on our service, while still being able to receive first-class support and products.

Starting today,  any of our existing paid subscribers can begin to earn entire months of our service for free – by simply referring other mosques to use our service.  MasjidNow Referrals are now available from your user dashboard.

How it works

Any paying subscriber of our service can participate in our Referral Program.  SImply visit your user profile and click on “Refer A Masjid” to get to your referrals dashboard.

You can either email your referrals right from our website, or simply copy and paste your referral link to Facebook, Twitter, or in an email to another webmaster.   The referral emails and your referral link contain a special code that is unique to your account: when someone visits our site by clicking your link or through your email, the referral will automatically be assigned to your account.

Once a mosque signs up for MasjidNow using your referral code, you can track their progress in your Referral Dashboard.  You’ll be able to see when they’ve signed up, if they have started their free trial, and if they purchase a paid subscription.

You can track the progress of your referrals.


Both you and the referred masjid will benefit when he/she purchases a subscription.  No matter what plan you are on, you will receive a month’s cost off of your next bill. This also applies to mosques who purchase a full year at a time, for even more savings.  For example, if a masjid has purchased the $9/month plan, and they receive a referral discount, their next bill will be for $0.  But if they had purchased  a $99/year plan (and received a month free for that) they will receive *another* $9 off.

The mosque that you refer will also receieve a month free *in addition to* their free trial of MasijdNow.



There are no limits! You can refer as many mosques as you want to our service, and when any of your referrals sign up for a paid subscription, you’ll continue receiving free months.  We don’t cap the number of free months you’ll receive.

You can both help your mosque save money and also help the mosques you refer save money.  It’s a win for both parties, and inshaAllah can be a source of benefit for everyone.

If you have any questions, you can contact us from our support page.

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