Demo Salah Timings Page

Below you’ll find a demo of our WordPress widget for prayer timings. ┬áThe table contains the iqamah (or jamaat) timings for our “Demo Masjid”, with the current day highlighted for ease of use.

December 2019 | Iqamah Timings
Dec/Day Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
01 Sun 4:49am 11:54am 3:15pm 5:58pm 6:59pm
02 Mon 4:49am 11:54am 3:15pm 5:58pm 6:59pm
03 Tue 4:50am 11:55am 3:30pm 5:58pm 7:00pm
04 Wed 4:50am 11:55am 3:30pm 5:59pm 7:00pm
05 Thu 4:50am 11:55am 3:30pm 5:59pm 7:01pm
06 Fri 4:51am 11:56am 3:30pm 6:00pm 7:01pm
07 Sat 4:51am 11:56am 3:30pm 6:00pm 7:02pm
08 Sun 4:51am 11:57am 3:30pm 6:00pm 7:02pm
09 Mon 4:52am 11:57am 3:30pm 6:01pm 7:03pm
10 Tue 4:52am 11:58am 3:30pm 6:01pm 7:03pm
11 Wed 4:53am 11:58am 3:30pm 6:02pm 7:04pm
12 Thu 4:53am 11:59am 3:30pm 6:02pm 7:04pm
13 Fri 4:54am 11:59am 3:30pm 6:03pm 7:05pm
14 Sat 4:54am 12:00pm 3:30pm 6:03pm 7:05pm
15 Sun 4:54am 12:00pm 3:30pm 6:04pm 7:06pm
16 Mon 4:55am 12:00pm 3:30pm 6:04pm 7:06pm
17 Tue 4:55am 12:01pm 3:30pm 6:05pm 7:07pm
18 Wed 4:56am 12:01pm 3:30pm 6:05pm 7:07pm
19 Thu 4:56am 12:02pm 3:30pm 6:06pm 7:08pm
20 Fri 4:57am 12:02pm 3:30pm 6:06pm 7:08pm
21 Sat 4:57am 12:03pm 3:30pm 6:07pm 7:09pm
22 Sun 4:58am 12:03pm 3:30pm 6:07pm 7:09pm
23 Mon 4:58am 12:04pm 3:30pm 6:08pm 7:10pm
24 Tue 4:59am 12:04pm 3:30pm 6:08pm 7:10pm
25 Wed 4:59am 12:05pm 3:30pm 6:09pm 7:11pm
26 Thu 5:00am 12:05pm 3:30pm 6:09pm 7:11pm
27 Fri 5:00am 12:06pm 3:30pm 6:10pm 7:12pm
28 Sat 5:01am 12:06pm 3:30pm 6:10pm 7:12pm
29 Sun 5:01am 12:07pm 3:30pm 6:11pm 7:12pm
30 Mon 5:02am 12:07pm 3:30pm 6:11pm 7:13pm
31 Tue 5:02am 12:08pm 3:30pm 6:12pm 7:13pm

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